PMS Co. (Pitch Mohre Sazane Sanaty Company)  Equipped with fasteners service in oil-gas-petrochemical- offshore steam and gas turbines industries.
Coating: various coating such as hot dip galvanized, zinc chromate, cadmium chromate, ceramic, ptfe.
  • Stud bolts & nuts:
Diameter from 5/8" to 4" and M6 to M130 Length according to the Customers request.
  • Bolts:
Diameter from 5/8" to 4" and M6 to 130 Max Length 6000mm.
  • Washers:
Din125,Din127,Din434, Din435,Din93,Din125-A,Din126,Din127-B,Din137-A,Din137-B,Din6916,Din6917, Din6918,Din7349.
  • PIN:
Din6912, Din7984, Din7991, Din912, Din913, Din914, Din915, Din91