PMS Co. (Pitch Mohre Sazane Sanaty Company) is aimed at producing different types of bolts and stud bolts with determined criteria of international standards and requirements determined by customers. With emphasis on managing attitude toward quality, our company tries to institutionalize continuous improvement and defective prevention culture in all activities affecting quality to achieve zero losses. Our company was founded based on following criteria:
  • Satisfying customers with prompt delivery and increasing products’ quality with employing corrective and preventive actions
  • Preserving present market and achieving new sale markets for progress and more profitability
  • Continuous improvement of procedures and company’s qualitative system
  • Increasing personnel’s awareness and technical knowledge through training them
  • Cooperation experiences with country’s major industries:

Khalkhal Dasht International co.
Pars Area Logistics co. (PALCO)
Sakht Tajhizat Sepahan(STS)
Mobarakeh Steel Mill Complex
South Pars Gas Complex Co.
National Iranian South Oild Fields
Hormozghan Steel
Kala Naft Tehran
Abadan Oil Refinery
Shiraz Oil Refinery
Esfahan Petrochemical
Khorasan Pertrochemical
Tabriz Pertrochemical

MapnaPars Co.
Mapna Operation and Maintenance Co.
Folad Saze Co.
Maron Gas Oil Operation and Maintenanse Oeid Co.
Pars Oil & Gas Co.
Ghachsaran Gas & Oil Operation Co.
Gharb Gas & Oil Operation Co.
Imam Khomeini Oil Refinery Of Shazand
Mobin Petrochemical
Biston Petrochemical
Pideco co.
Khorasan Gas Company
AzarbaijanSharghi Gas Co.
National Iranian Copper Industrid Co.
Iran Alumina Co.
Fajr Gas Refinery Co.
Iranian Central Oil Fields Co.
Esfahan Steel Compony
Iraian Oil Terminals Co.
Machin Sazi Arak Co.
Nouri PetroChemical Co.
Bndarabbas Oil Refinig Co.
Petrochemical Industries Develop ment Co.
Azarbayjan Steel Co.
Khozestan Steel Co.
MapnaBoiler Co.
Kerman Gas Co.
Fanavaran Petrochemical Co.
Parsian Gas Refinery Co.
Iran Transfo Co.
Alborz Turbine Co.
Siman Sofian Co.
Siman Lamard Co.
MachinSazi Tasha
MachinSazi Azarbaijani Co.
MachinSazi Pars Co.
Shahid Hasheminezhad Gas Refinery (Khangiran)
Tehran Shahid Tond Gooyan Oil Refinary Co.
Iranian Offshore Engineering and Cunstruction
CompanyGeshm Oil Iranian Energy Industries Development